USB Voice Recorder + 8GB USB Flash Disk

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1) Easy to use and carry
2) With indicator light
3) Memory: 8GB
4) Support recording function
5) Ultra-portable storage device, Replaces floppies and CDs Windows compatible
6) Size: 67mm x 23mm x 8mm

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* User Manual:
1) Turn on: Please push the button to the Right, Then begin to record
2) Turn off: Please push the button to the Left, Then stop to record
3) Play: After recording, connect it to computer to play (format: WAV)
4) Male Jack: USB 2.0 (USB 2.0 interface, support win98 or above, needn’t the driver, it can be used as a USB)
5) Note: If the voltage is too low, the pilot lamp will flash fast. When charge, the light flashes in normal. After charging, the pilot lamp flashes put out. It can be used about 8 hours after one charging. (2GB can storage more than 24 hours voice file)
6) When turn on after 5 second start record voice, after finish record need 5 second than turn off, because firm ware need some second working time.


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