ANISZA Foundation & Gallery is intended to awaken the sense of togetherness in Nigerians especially the youths, younger generation and also demonstrate the strength in our diversity.

Our aim to educate Secondary School students in Nigerian History using compelling photographs, in addition to other tools. It believes that illustrating an understanding of the Nigerian Journey, it can advance the cause of Peace and Unity in the country. Since the inauguration of ANISZA since October 2018 till date, we have engaged over Two Thousand (2000) pupils and Nigerian youths through the gallery excursions. A gallery made from recycled containers, architecturally designed to form the big letter “N” representing Nigeria.

As part of our continued efforts to demonstrate that through arts, historic photos and other visual elements we have the capacity to work together, resolve our differences and to teach the younger generations peaceful co-existence, ANISZA club was formed, with more schools interested, we are certain to succeed with our goals and visions for a greater united and peaceful Nigeria.