Enjoy Peace: 10 ways to make your Monday morning better

Enjoy Peace: 10 ways to make your Monday morning better

The weekend is over. Saturday is officially not coming back. Your alarm clock is just getting into a five day groove, and sleeping is no longer a viable option.

To help you get through the day, here are our top tips to make your Monday mean more:


1. Get up earlier

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If you really want to change your Monday mindset, start as you mean to go on.

Try waking up ten minutes earlier, and slow your morning routine right down. No more brushing your teeth in the shower, or doing your make-up in a rush at the office, can only be a good thing. Multitasking is overrated anyway…


2. Get up later

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Ok, you’ve skipped number one. Turns out you’re not so much of a morning person. That’s cool. We all have different strengths. If yours involves a snooze button, a flannel wash and a mad dash to the station, who are we to judge? Take full advantage of any flexible working hours offered. And if they’re not? There’s always the late shift…


3. Eat breakfast

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The nutritional and mental benefits of the day’s first meal are well-documented. What isn’t quite as well documented is just how easy a gourmet breakfast can be on-the-go.


4. Don’t go back to sleep

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Feel like you can’t function without an extra half an hour doze on the way? Change it. You’ll only end up waking up in a foul mood, possibly covered in a puddle of your own dribble.

Fight the temptation to slip into slumber, and you’ll feel better for it. The person who sits next to you certainly will.


5. Make more of your commute

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If you’re bored on the bus, why not put your sudden lack of stimulation to good use? Read a book you’ve always put off, or learn a new skill while you’re stuck in traffic.


6. Make someone’s day

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Random acts of kindness are cool. Also, surprisingly easy. So buy the next person in line a coke or chilled bottled water, or pay the cashier a compliment. It will make you feel good, and it will make them feel good. It’s basically science.


7. Make Monday your cheat day

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‘My diet starts on Monday’. This is a common refrain, often uttered by unrealistic people.
Perhaps, eat like a king on Monday, and make your diet Tuesday’s problem.


8. Remind yourself about other successful Mondays


Successful things that have happened on a Monday: man first walked on the moon; Mickey Maus first appeared in the 1930’s and won the hearts of Children; YouTube launched in 2005 and brought us happy moments for the next 15 years. the Deathstar was blown up (probably). The list is practically endless.

Just think of it this way: if Mondays never existed, there would be no lifts and worse.


9. Put things in perspective

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Global warming. Deforestation. The fact that DMX passed on, an artiste loved by blacks, white and all regardless the divide and differences. To paraphrase, there are many problems in the world, but Monday ain’t one… isn’t one… You get the idea. You may be sleepy. You may lack motivation. But no matter how bad your day is, it could almost always be worse. If all else fails, hey, at least it’s not Wednesday.


10. Find a Monday happy place

monday morning 10

The sure-fire way to ensure your Monday morning morale remains high is to make it stand out. Think of all the things which make you happiest, and find ingenious ways to work them into your day.

It could be making an inspiring playlist for your morning commute, going for lunch with an old friend, or bookmarking something interesting to read on your lunch. The choice is yours.

Our go-to move is ordering something to arrive at our desk bright and early. Mondays may not be able to buy you happiness, but money can…


Share with us by leaving a comment in the comment box below, which of the ways appeal to you more?

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